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I have been working in the ICT sector for seven years. During that time I have been a public relations advisor to the Minister, and chief of the Press service in the Ministry for telecommunications and information society. My responsibility was to create and implement PR strategy for the Minister and the Ministry towards general public, media, international organizations, as well as towards citizens, IT community, ICT companies and non-government organizations. Together with the team in the ministry I initiated a number of public campaigns that included extensive activities on international, national and municipal levels, among others: Click safely was public campaign for online safety 'Click Safely', Digital school, Girls in ICT day, Witnet. Click safely campaign eventually became a part of the INSAFE project devised and implemented by the European Commission. Digital schools project for introducing the ICT into primary schools around Serbia. Using social media I initiated online communication of the general public with The Digital agenda Administration and the Ministry of telecommunications and information society, making them first government institutions to communicate with citizens this way. I created and implemented promotion strategy for eUprava, the- e-Government portal that enables citizens and businesses to electronically acquire a variety of permits, licenses and other documents issued by different levels and branches of government administration. As part of an overarching effort to promote and advance information society in Serbia, I created and coordinated online campaigns: #eAppointments (#ezakazivanje), #eBusiness (#eposlovanje), #stopwaitInginLines (#stopredovima). As a humanitarian In 2015 I have been in charge of organizing the recording of the promotional anthem and the accompanying video, in order to support the campaign #ZajednoDoPobede and raise awareness about people with intellectual disabilities and Special Olympics Serbia organization. I was solely responsible for ensuring participation of some of the top world athletes (Novak Djokovic, Aleksandar Djordjevic and Miroslav Raduljica are just some of those who took part), singers and public figures to support the campaign. The specific goal of the campaign was to raise funds to help athletes to participate in the Los Angeles Olympic Games. The #ZajednoDoPobede campaign achieved outstanding visibility, attracted very high support and succeeded in raising funds sufficient for the Serbian Special Olympics team to go to Los Angeles. I am helping in Refugee Aid Miksaliste as Communication Manager. I am in charge to Organized production of all promotional videos at Refugee Aid Miksalište, to create and conducte a humanitarian media campaign encompassing traditional media and social networks. The campaign had a promotional and fundraising character with the aim to increase public awareness about the Refugee Crisis. Miksalište has been awarded by the European Movement, for the contribution to humanity in Europe. Miksaliste Won European Citizenship Awards 2016 for Campaign of the year. The European Citizenship Awards promote and give visibility to outstanding and inspiring initiatives and individuals who have put European democratic citizenship into practice, and in so doing have had a positive impact on their communities. The candidates were selected through a judging panel and public online voting – which garnered over 4,500 votes. I am enthusiastic, proactive, flexible and adaptable team player with recognized creative and organization skills. With an integrated approach to public relations and a passionate ICT user, extensive hands-on experience in crisis communication I am a highly reliable and effective PR professional.

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